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With the aftermath of the COVID/coronavirus pandemic, many people are stocking up. If you need emergency cash to pay for essential toiletries, then there may be a few options to consider. An emergency loan could be a good option for those who need fast cash for essential toiletries. Or for those who need a short-term solution. For those who are facing more long-term financial insecurity–assistance programs may be the best place to start. There are also ways to save when buying essential toiletries. 

Below is more information on getting emergency cash to pay for essential toiletries like hand sanitizer, paper towels, and cleaning products or cleaning supplies. 

Borrowing the Funds for Emergency Cash to Pay for Essential Toiletries

A smiling woman using a laptop

Borrowing the funds can be a quick way to get the emergency cash that you need. Loan options can be great when your emergency fund is not enough. Here are a few loan options to consider when looking when you begin your search:

  • Personal Loans — personal loans can definitely come in smaller amounts for those who need smaller purchases like essential toiletries. If you have good credit, then these loans may be an option for you.
  • Credit Cards— most people have credit cards that they can use. If this is the case, then a credit card may be the most convenient option for emergency purchases. 
  • Payday Loans — payday loans are a secured kind of lending, which uses the borrower’s paycheck as collateral. In general, these loans are for a few hundred dollars and need to be paid back in a few weeks. 
  • Car Title Loans— car title loans are a type of secured lending which uses the borrower’s vehicle as collateral. When the loan is taken out, the lender will have temporary ownership of the vehicle. Car title loans can be for a few hundred dollars or up to a few thousand dollars. 

Assistance Programs for Emergency Cash to Pay for Essential Toiletries

If you are struggling to pay for essentials like essential toiletries, there is help there to look into. Here are a few options whether you are recovering from the pandemic, facing a job loss, or are taking care of others: 

  • Unemployment Benefits from the Gov.—for those who are facing a job loss, or layoffs, apply for unemployment benefits right away. If you qualify, these benefits can help make ends meet. 
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)— For families who are financially struggling, TANF can help with all kinds of expenses. SNAP or food stamps are a part of this, along with living assistance, and financial assistance. All of these can help to pay for the essential toiletries.
  • Your Local Department of Social Services — your local department of social services department can help you connect with local and national resources.
  • Local Food Banks — in addition to providing non-perishable food items for the community, local food banks can provide items like paper towels, cleaning supplies, and other essential toiletries.
  • The Salvation Army— the Salvation Army has been helping low-income families and individuals for over a decade. They can help with something as big as moving, or something like financial assistance. 
  • Supplemental Security Income — for those who are 65 and older, or those who are disabled can apply for supplemental security income (SSI benefits). 

How to Save When Purchasing Essential Toiletries? 

Happy Guy with Lots of Cash In one hand and Laptop in another

There are a few strategies you can use to save when buying essential toiletries. Here are a few ways to save: 

  • Reward Programs with Retailers — most retailers/grocery stores, big and small, will have some kind of reward program that you can sign up for. These rewards can add up to savings on future purchases, or even vouchers for free stuff.
  • Manufacturer and Store Coupons — manufacturer coupons can be printed online, or sometimes you will find them attached to the product itself in the store. Store coupons may be mailed to you or applied automatically in-store. 
  • Price Matching— large retailers like Walmart offer a price match guarantee, so definitely take advantage of that. 
  • Buy in Bulk to Save — in many cases the larger packs of toilet paper may be a better deal. And so consider buying rolls of toilet paper in bulk. Grocery delivery services, or services like Amazon Prime, may offer savings to those who have automatic re-ordering in place.
  • Mail-in Rebates — some companies may offer a mail-in rebate which could mean free products and savings. 
  • Avoid Panic Buying—with information available to everyone in real time, or whatever news is trending, many people may find themselves panic buying. Panic buying is purchasing things in bulk out of fear of stores running out. 

For example, with the beginning of the spread of covid-19 people bought more than they needed. Not only does this tactic limit resources for those who need them but, in many cases, retailers or online sellers may be price gouging—which could put you at a loss. 

Why Work with Max Cash® Title Loans for Emergency Cash 

If a title loan sounds like the right option for your emergency, then start with Max Cash Title Loans. At Max Cash Title Loans, we are the #1 nationwide title loan marketplace, and we work hard to connect people with title loan lenders. 5

happy couple with car title loan money

Here are some benefits that could come with the lenders that we work with:

  • Low Monthly Payments —monthly payments with the title loans we work with are kept low from beginning to end. 4
  • Competitive Interest Rates — the interest rates are highly competitive! This could be a huge advantage when borrowing a secured loan. 4
  • Apply Regardless of Credit History— no matter what your credit score or credit history looks like you may be eligible for a title loan.
  • No Hidden Fees — there are never any hidden fees with repayment. 3
  • No Early Payment Penalties—pay your loan early without any fees or penalties. 
  • Flexibility with repayment— you could get up to a few years to repay a title loan. 4

Apply for Emergency Cash to Pay for Essential Toiletries

No matter what reason that you need emergency cash for essential toiletries, get started with your options right away. 

If a title loan seems like the right fit for your personal finances, start with Max Cash Title Loans. To get started head to our website and apply for an online title loan or give us a call at (855) 561-5626.