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Want to know how much your payments will be? Use our title loan calculator to find out.

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If you want to know how much you can get for a car title loan, there are several ways to do this.  Follow these steps to figure out the loan amount you will most probably be offered:

Go to Kelley Blue book and get the trade-in value of your car, not the retail value. Consider this to be your starting point.  From there it can get kind of tricky because there are different factors that affect the loan offer and the value of your vehicle to the title loan lender:

  • On your car title does it say “salvage vehicle”? If so cut that number in half. 
  • On your pink slip does it show that you recently purchased the vehicle in the last 30 days? In California this is important. If you cut your maximum loan amount by 25%
  • Is there damage to your car that is substantial? We are not talking about minor damage here. If it is major, then deduct what it would cost to fix the damage. The title lender may not even offer you a loan option even with good credit. 

How much can I get for a title loan at this point is now determined by the above multiplied by about 75% (note not all title lenders are the same! Some will give you more than the wholesale value minus the deductions (even over the wholesale value) and some far less. This is known as LTV (loan to value).  To know what the loan amount will be is determined by the other aspects of your loan such as:

How long have you been on the job?

How much income do you make in relation to the title loan amount? They will want to see proof of income.

Is there title loan laws in your state which limit the amount you can get for your cash advance.

Do they consider your credit? Some companies pull credit some do not. The ones that pull credit will look at two things: Your credit score and if you are in a court-ordered bankruptcy process or credit counseling.  This credit check also will help with the interest rate they offer you. They will not be able to pull your credit without your consent and that is usually done, not on the inquiry for a car title loan but when you fill out the loan application. Your letting us help you and the form on this site is the inquiry, not the loan application.

So as you can see if you want to know how much can I get for a title loan is rather complicated and it is best to ask us when you do your inquiry.


Auto title loans are short-term loans. They do not have the same interest rates like credit cards. They are structured to help the consumers to meet their immediate financial needs. Credit cards offer an annual percentage rate (APR), which almost all car title lenders work on a monthly percentage rate also known as (MPR). This is where you need to be an educated title loan customer by asking the financial institution during the loan process is the interest rate they are offering you an annual percentage rate or a monthly.

If the lender offers you a diminishing interest rate loan (That’s right! With each payment, you make the interest rate AND PAYMENT drops – not offered by all lenders!) or a monthly interest rate, know you can save a lot of money by paying off your loan early. If you do this, make sure when you make the payment to tell the lender that the overpayment is to be applied towards the interest because if you don’t it won’t.

Be warned, the interest rate is high, even so, high that you may be scared to take out the loan but if you are comparing the interest rate to bank loans or credit cards, you will always be worried. That is not how title loans work. They are geared towards people with credit issues like bad credit or the need for quick cash. They are far less than a payday loan or even a personal loan from a bank.

The good news is that there is no prepayment penalty. This means that if you want to cut that payment amount down then pay for more than what they ask monthly.


First do an inquiry and of course we suggest using us because we have access to all the big named and local or online title loan lenders in one place.

Title loans using your car title for an auto pawnWe will ask about your vehicle and if you have your vehicle title handy we can gather info about your vehicle directly from that. We will also ask about the estimated mileage.

We will ask you about what is your minimum loan amount and what type of payment plan you want. If you want to do this yourself then use our car title loan calculator and put in 2 years and your estimated loan amount.

Once we gather the few verbal bits of information we can then figure out what vehicle title loan lender will be best for you but you can ask us what all your loan options are at this time.

Depending on if you wanted to do a complete online title loan process or go into a store will determine the next steps. If you are doing an online title loan then you will need to take pictures of everything with your cell phone and forward them to the lender using a number that the lender will give you. You can also email the pictures.

Then you will speak with the lender who will ask you information to complete your title loan application. This can be verbal or in person. They will ask you what you are looking for in monthly payments and loan terms. If you and the lender agree they will send your information to an underwriter who will look at the information you provided and agree with the loan officer or not.

Once the underwriter is done, how much can you get for a title loan is complete.

You will need to give them your paper title so they can place a lien on it. You still keep your car while paying your car title loan. This is not an auto title pawn. This is a title loan.


Vehicle title loan lenders have several ways to get your money and all of them are very fast.

If they have stores you can go right in

If they have licensed partners you can go to one of them (like a currency exchange or Walmart)

If you want your money wired to you then they will wire the money directly into your account.

If you want a check, then the check will be overnighted to you but in some cases they can have a partner print it for you and you can go to them and pick it up.

Know that your title loan application will need to be dated the day you pick up your money so it is important that you pick it up the day you signed your agreement. 


Almost without exception, the first payment is 30 days from the date you picked up your money. Then every month after that on that date.

Remember no matter what your contract says, paying off your loan faster will save you hundreds if not thousands in interest.

Low title loan interest ratesIf you chose a company that has a diminishing title loan payment (these are companies that with each payment your next payment is lower until your interest rate is almost 50% when you started) then you will need to ask them what this month’s payment is. This type of loan is usually a hybrid title loan with a bank backing the loan.

The larger title loan companies will give you a portal where you can log in into your account and see how things are going, your payoff amount, and your next payment.


After you are done with your last payment the lender will give you a lien release. This means that you will have your physical title back in your possession but it does not mean the lender is off your title. If you need your title right away then take the lien release to your local department of motor vehicles and they will remove the lien and send you a new title but will give you a temporary title there and then.


Yes and it is usually very easy to do that. Again, look at Kelley blue book to get your current value. Title loan lenders typically will not make you go through the majority of what you went through before and will usually honor your current interest rate (very important if you have a diminishing rate title loan!

Another option is to get your car title loan refinanced through another auto title loan company. They will pay off the other title loan and start fresh with a new loan. This is effective if your payment is too high to handle and you need a better loan structure.


“How much can I get for a title loan?” means you are serious about getting the money fast and easy and there is no better company to start the process with than Max Cash® Title Loans. Our highly rated and FREE service means you will not be under pressure and will have time to ask the questions you have found uncomfortable asking directly to a lender.

Car title loan companies, if they are the larger ones, report to credit bureaus which means you can seriously benefit on your credit file if you made timely payments. With your credit score going up it will help you improve your credit and get better terms.

Vehicle title loans are quick. You are needing cash right away and this is the way to do it. Fast cash helps take the pressure off you.

Immediate peace of mind. Probably the biggest benefit is you are no longer pressured and you have time to sort things out.

We hope you choose us because when you ask how much can I get for a title loan it means you are serious about this and we love customers who want a car title loan now.


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