Do I Get to Keep My Car When I Get a Title Loan?

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When you need a sizable sum of money in a hurry to take care of an unexpected bill or expense, you might not know what options are available to you to get you out of financial hot water. A car title loan may be just the thing you need! You may even keep driving your car during loan repayment with the help of Max Cash® Title Loans.

Can I Use My Car When I Get a Title Loan?

Absolutely yes! Car title loan lenders understand that in order for you to pay back the loan they have provided you, you need reliable transportation to get to work where you make the money to do so. It would be counterintuitive to take your vehicle away from you until you have paid back the money. You may keep driving your car just as long as you keep up on paying the convenient monthly payments.

Is There Any Way I Could Get My Car Taken from Me?

Unfortunately, there is. There does exist the possibility of your car getting repossessed when taking out a car title loan. However, repossession will only occur if you frequently miss loan payments and do not notify the direct lender. If you are having trouble paying, consider asking for an extension on the payment or ask the lender to reevaluate your terms. Once repossession happens, your vehicle will be sold by your lender to make back the remaining loan amount.

Avoiding Repossession of Your Vehicle

Without a shadow of a doubt, the single best way for you to avoid repossession by your lender is for you to keep up on your monthly payments. That said, even if you are unable to pay the full amount, any amount being repaid is a good amount. By keeping the money coming in to your lender, it will show them that you are making an effort to keep up on your payments.

Why Do I Need a Lien on my Car Title for a Car Title Loan?

When you use your car title as collateral for a loan, you are promising your car to the lender in the event that you don’t pay them back. In order to ensure that the lender gets paid in the event of a default, they put a lien on the car title. This gives the lender a claim against the car until the loan is paid back. It also means that in the event of the car being totaled in an accident, insurance payout will go to the lender, up to the balance of the loan.

What Do I Need For a Car Title Loan?

In addition to get getting a lien put on your car title, you’ll need a few other things if you want a car title loan. For example:

  • Qualifying Car Title in your name
  • Photos of your car (front, back, and sides)
  • Proof of Income
  • Proof of Residence (Certain pieces of mail)
  • Government-Issued I.D. (Driver’s License, State I.D., Passport, etc.)

Please note, although it says you need photos of your car as part of the car title loan process, this is only in the event that the lender allows you to send in photos of your car in lieu of an in-person inspection. Other lenders require that you bring your car down to their brick and mortar store. Be sure to confirm which your lender requires.

How Do Liens Apply to Auto Title Loans?

So now that you have the right idea of what liens are, and how do they relate to title loans, you should know we at Max Cash Title Loans consider ourselves to be experienced individuals when it comes to auto title loans. Auto title loans, as we have mentioned in our FAQ, are loans that are secured based on the value of your car.

How Do I Get a Car Title Loan Online with Max Cash Title Loans?

At Max Cash Title Loans, we work with title lending services that are honest and transparent. This means we’ll work to find you a title loan with competitive interest rates, no hidden finance charges or additional fees, and refinancing options in the future. With our help, we could get you the fast cash you need in your bank account or credit union in as little as one business day! 

All we need from you to start the loan application process are a few documents of personal information:

  • A government-issued photo ID
  • Your vehicle title
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residence
  • 3 References
  • Pictures of your vehicle

Once you have the necessary information, you can move on to the application itself.

  • First, you will need to complete an online title loan application or speak with a loan specialist over the telephone.
  • Following your application, a loan processor will call you to discuss your financial needs. During this call, you might also need to provide additional personal information, and the search for a lender will begin. 
  • When your application receives final approval, a loan specialist will contact you to review your loan agreement. 
  • The only thing left is to determine how you would like to receive your cash!  With Max Cash Title Loans, you may opt to get your title loan amount via check or direct deposit into your bank account or credit union. 

At Max Cash Title Loans, we strive to make the title loan application process simple and fast. The entire thing could just take a few minutes to complete! If you are ready to begin your application, give us a call today!

Advantages of Working with Max Cash Title Loans

When you choose to work with Max Cash Title Loans, you open up the possibility of several benefits. Take a look at some of them below!

Competitive Interest Rates

The interest rates our network of direct lenders offers are always highly competitive. This means you can be sure that you’re getting the money you need at a reasonable rate. 

Flexible Loan Conditions

As previously mentioned, car title loans are designed to be short-term loans. But what if you need something a little more flexible? With our lender network, that’s not a problem. The lenders we work with could offer repayment terms that are just a couple of months longer, or even up to a couple of years.  Speak with a loan specialist about what you’re looking for, and they’ll work to find a lender that can make it happen!

Completely Online Process

We want to provide an application process that saves you time and energy. The whole title loan process can be complete from the comfort of home or anywhere you have a reliable internet connection. There is no need to make an appointment or come into a store. Simply head online and apply!

Get Quick Cash

Once you receive approval, the funds could be made available as soon as the next business day! Your quick cash can be sent via check or direct deposit into your bank account or credit union! 

No Hidden Charges

We maintain transparency throughout the title loan process. This means you never need to worry about hidden fees or charges as you repay your loan. 

Flexible Repayment

Together, with our network of lenders, you are able to repay your title loan as soon as you want, without facing any prepayment penalties!3

Apply for an Auto Title Loan Found Through Max Cash Title Loans

Whether you live in Alabama, South Carolina, or Tennessee, Max Cash Title Loans is here to help you locate the perfect auto title loan lender for your needs. Our staff is ready to assist you seven days a week to find a title loan that has convenient and manageable monthly payments and loan terms that fit your financial situation.

 To start your title loan application, fill out our online application or give us a call to start right away!